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10 Things We Did (and probably shouldn't have) by Sarah Mlynowski

10 things we did (and probably shouldn't have) by Sarah Mlynowski

Released: June 7, 2011
Published: HarperTeen
Pages: 368

2 girls + 3 guys + 1 house – parents = 10 things April and her friends did that they (definitely, maybe, probably) shouldn't have. 

If given the opportunity, what sixteen-year-old wouldn't jump at the chance to move in with a friend and live parent-free? Although maybe "opportunity" isn't the right word, since April had to tell her dad a tiny little untruth to make it happen (see #1: "Lied to Our Parents"). But she and her housemate Vi are totally responsible and able to take care of themselves. How they ended up "Skipping School" (#3), "Throwing a Crazy Party" (#8), "Buying a Hot Tub" (#4), and, um, "Harboring a Fugitive" (#7) at all is kind of a mystery to them. 

In this hilarious and bitter sweet tale, Sarah Mlynowski mines the heart and mind of a girl on her own for the first time. To get through the year, April will have to juggle a love triangle, learn to do her own laundry, and accept that her carefully constructed world just might be falling apart . . . one thing-she-shouldn't-have-done at a time.

I really enjoyed this book. I just finished it yesturday, and I had read it in one sitting. I loved how this book had it's realistic moments, and serious moments. But it also had it's Laugh out loud moments. I just loved the plot, characters, and even the setting of this book.

Basically, April's father is moving away, and It is April's Junior year, and she doesn't want to move for a couple of reasons, one is that she doesn't want to leave her boyfriend Noah, and also she doesn't want to leave her best friends. So then she stays with her friend Vi, and that's the premise of the story. They basically did 10 things that the probably shouldn't have, hence the title. I really like Mlynowski's writing style. I thoroughly  enjoyed how each chapter was the each the thing that they did, so 10 chapters in all. I really liked that. 

Characters.. So there are too many characters in this story, but i will just tell you the characters that I thought were important in the storyline, and some characters that I liked. April, she was a cool character, she was one of the girls, that likes to play by the rules, but could also break a few. She was a great main character. Vi. to me Vi was like an older sister to April, but also a really good best friend, she was fun, outgoing, and more. Noah. I really wasn't to fond of him, he in the story is April's boyfriend of 2 years. I just did not feel the connection, and the stuff he did to April, made me not like him even more. If you want to find out what I am talking about, READ THE BOOK. haha . Hudson. I loved him! I wish there was more of Hudson in this book, and there were definetley some swoon worthy moments between Husdon and April.

So this review is really long, but I just love this book, so if you have not read this ook, PLEASEE read it. It is truly amazing.

4.5/5 stars


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